Chairmans Message

I would like to welcome you to the International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals (IACIPP) a developing organisation that seeks to encourage the exchange of information and promote collaborative working internationally.
As an Association we aim to deliver discussion and innovation – on many of the serious Infrastructure - Protection – Resilience - Management and Security Issue challenges - facing both Industry and Governments.
The ever changing and evolving nature of threats, whether natural through climate change and pandemics or man made through terrorism activities, either physical or cyber, means there is a continual need to review and update policies, practices and technologies to meet these growing and changing demands.
We are all well aware that damage to our infrastructure - its destruction or disruption by natural disasters – terrorism -criminal activity or malicious behaviour - may have a significant negative impact for the security and the well-being of our societies and citizens.
That is why reducing the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and increasing their resilience is a major objective of many governments globally with clear priorities and actions being set out within National Security and Disaster Management Strategies.
Our understanding of exactly what we are seeking to protect has to be clearly defined and although those definitions vary internationally, in a broad sense they are, “Those facilities –systems - sites and networks necessary for the functioning of the country - and the delivery of the essential services upon which daily life depends”.
Within all of this we also have to add the ever-increasing threats directed at our Critical Information Infrastructure and what must now be one of the most common used terms in the consideration of organisational security measures - Cyber Attacks!
Critical infrastructure is increasingly interconnected and interdependent, delivering efficiencies and economic benefits to operations. The advances in technology have greatly enhanced the safety and security of our infrastructure, however, increasing levels of connectivity create their own vulnerabilities and continue to present challenges that must be addressed.
Our Association, although still young in its journey, is clear in what it is seeking to achieve. The creation of a network of likeminded people who have the knowledge, experience, skill, and determination to get involved in the development and sharing of good practice and innovation in order to continue to contribute to the reduction of vulnerabilities and seek to increase the resilience of Critical Infrastructure and Information.
I sincerely hope you find great benefit in being a member of IACIPP and look forward to your participation in assisting the Association in achieving its aims and objectives.

John Donlon QPM MA FSyl