Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS)

Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS), Kyiv, was established in 2017. It is non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to facilitate its members' joint efforts to achieve common interests through conducting research, expertise, consulting and communication activities. CSDS members are experienced experts from a various fields of national security and defence. CSDS adheres to a principle to be an apolitical, professional and transparent.

The main directions of CSDS activities are following.
• Facilitating expert society in Ukraine in the field of national security and defence;
• Participating advisory, consultation and expert boards and groups, that are established within national authorities, particularly, by drafting legislation acts, strategic and concept documents;
• Facilitating R&D projects and analytical researches in the field of national security and defence, facilitating implementation of methodology and tools for decision making support for security and defence sector;
• Participating and facilitating scientific, research and communication activities on development and reform of the security and defence sector in Ukraine;
• Supporting Public-Private partnership, cooperation among state authorities, business, academia, and society to increase security and defence-ability of nation;
• Sharing information on relevant activities;
• Maintaining permanent contacts, best practice exchange, and other forms of cooperation with Ukrainian non-governmental organisations, international and foreign organisations.