Hurricane Zeta makes landfall on Louisiana Coast

Hurricane Zeta made landfall in southeastern Louisiana as a Category 2 storm, tearing into coastal communities with heavy rain and wind, and leaving hundreds of thousands without power, and threatening other critical infrastructure systems.
Almost 350,000 homes and businesses in Louisiana are already without power, with some coastal roads under water.
The number of people being left in the dark due to Zeta's strong winds continues to climb. More than 1.3 million customers are without power across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, according to These numbers are likely to continue to climb as Zeta charges northeastward at a staggering 39 mph.
The most dangerous storm surge is expected to the east of New Orleans, with 6 to 9 feet (1.8 to 2.7 meters) of surge likely between the Pearl River on the Louisiana-Mississippi border and Dauphin Island, Alabama. The storm surge around New Orleans itself is forecast only 1 to 2 feet lower, and is still very dangerous. At least 1 to 3 feet (30 to 90 centimeters) of surge is likely across a region stretching from the central Louisiana coast to Yankeetown, Florida.
Zeta is expected to move fast across the U.S., bringing damaging wind, dumping rain and triggering floods across Mississippi, Alabama, northern Georgia, the Carolinas and southeastern Virginia. Powerful wind is likely across the southern Appalachians, the NHC wrote.
It's not yet November and Zeta is already the 27th Atlantic tropical cyclone of 2020, nearing the record of 28 set in 2005.

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