IACIPP has been developed for representatives from government, agencies and operators tasked with security, protection and resilience of CNI.


IACIPP strives to enhance professional excellence of the industry through the development of competencies, knowledge and skills. Membership with IACIPP provides you with access to a range of training events, a globally connected network of CI security and resilience professionals.

IACIPP is currently developing an industry-recognised certification that will acknowledge your experience, qualifications and skills.

As a member of IACIPP you will benefit from an enhanced status within the international critical infrastructure protection, security & resilience management professional industry, including emergency and crisis management and disaster response.

You will be part of an organization, which holds the respect of governments, agencies and organisations around the world.

Along with accreditation, IACIPP will continue to connect you to a range of up-to-date programs, conferences, training and networking events, to increase your network and provide you with a chance to participate in discussions and forums, as well as relevant tools and resources.