Benefits of Membership include:

• Excellent range of resources, white papers, videos, webinars, conference papers and links of highly relevant information
• Access to back issues of World Security Report (magazine of IACIPP)
• Networking and connections with like-minded members to develop your network, knowledge and experiences
• Participate in setting direction of IACIPP
• Access to Members Intranet Site
• Access to communal LinkedIn group
• Developing access to training programmes, courses and qualifications
• Enabling and ensuring the Continual Professional Development of industry professionals
• Discounted delegates fees for CIPRE, CIPRA and CIPRNA
• Voting for annual industry and operator awards
• Opportunity for involvement and developing working group discussions – with specific purpose and agenda’s

    • Transport
    • Energy
    • Telecomms
    • Cyber/CIIP/IT Infrastructure
    • Water
    • Space
    • Critical Infrastructure Convergence
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