EPA Updates Power Resilience Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities

EPA has published an updated version of the Power Resilience Guide, which provides water and wastewater utilities with information and strategies to help strengthen relationships with their electric providers and increase their resilience to power outages.

The guide has been updated to include new information in its “Energy Efficiency,” “Renewable Energy and Distributed Energy Resources,” and “Funding” sections. The document is divided into eight areas in which water sector utilities can increase power resilience, which include communication, power assessments, emergency generators, fuel, energy efficiency, renewable energy and microgrids, black sky planning, and funding. Additionally, the updated guide includes new case studies that demonstrate creative power resilience strategies (e.g., implementation of microgrids at utilities) and planning considerations for both short (e.g., 2-3 days) and long (e.g., several weeks) duration power outages.

Access the updated guide below or read more about power resilience at EPA.