2022 CIPRNA Proceedings

2022 Conference Proceedings from Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America, New Orleans (April 2022)

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Opening Keynote:

Collin Arnold – Director, New Orleans Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency

Randy Meshell – Director, Region VI, FEMA

Session 1: Strategies in CI Protection & Resilience:

Jacob (Jack) Anderson – National infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)

Brian Harrell – The Evolving Threat to Critical Infrastructure

Lester Millet III – Securing the Nations Largest Tonnage Port though Public Private Partnerships

Mark Scott – Evaluating Supply Chain Resilience

Jeff Gaynor – Risk, Reliance and the Resilience Imperative

Session 2a: Emerging Threats For Critical Infrastructure

Jeff Hirsch – Unmanned Aerial Systems

Session 2b: Cybersecurity Legislation, Standards & Best Practice

Michael A. Echols – Implementing a Culture of Cybersecurity

Rene Miller – Zero Trust Strategy

Session 3a: Countering the Emerging Threats – Security, Risk & Disaster Mitigation

Doug Delancey – Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure from Improvised Explosive Device Threats

Drew Schneider – Responding to multiple threat streams while facilitating the largest spike in cargo volume

George Rey – Countering UAS Threats

Richard Engelhom – Addressing the proliferated threat of drones

Session 3b: The Developing Cyber Threat Environment

Ron Pavlik – TSA Surface Operations Overview

Session 4a: Methodology, Modelling, Simulation & Machine Learning

John Bryk – HUMINT threats to organizational cybersecurity

Ollie T. Gagnon – Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems and Building Community Resilience

Ben Eazzetta – The Emerging Role of Modeling and Simulation in Security Assessments and Design

Ross Borgeouis – Real Time Crime Center

Session 4b: Strategies and Collaboration in Cyber Defence

Steve Povolny – A Case Study in Hacking Critical Infrastructure

Tim Klett – Modeling and Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Cyber-Physical Impacts

Jim Stratton – Harnessing the Power of Apprenticeship to Bridge the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

Session 5a: Securing the Physical CI Asset

Todd Klessman – An Inside Job: Protecting Chemical Facilities from Insider Exploitation

Sarah-Jane Prew – The Importance of Embedding Security into the Design of CNI Facilities

Roy Smith – Preparation and prevention of physical attack on your CI

Joe Morgan – Low-cost, Short-range Radar’s Role in a Safer, More Secure Critical Infrastructure Environment

Session 5b: IT OT Security and Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats

Ian Schmertzler – Notes From The Field

Marty Edwards – Proactive OT Cyber Maintenance Act Before the Breach

Stephen Homrighaus – A vision for tomorrow’s critical infrastructure security

Session 6: Growth in Interoperability Between Critical Infrastructure Sectors and Enhancing Cross Industry Resilience

Ron Martin – A converged view of Industrial Control Systems with Critical Infrastructure

Session 7: Crisis Management, Coordination & Communication

Ashlee Herring Delventhal – Creating an Emergency Management and Preparedness Program

Nick Karakulko – Critical Facilities and Utilities: Resolving incidents faster – with Enterprise Incident Management

Session 8: Realities and the Resilience Imperative

Rob Cheng – Secure the Homeland

Minna LeVine – Secure America SMART-R

Keyaan Williams – Session 8: Realities and the Resilience Imperative

Discussion, Round Up and Conference Close

John Donlon – Closing Comments