Training Programme Accreditation

The International Association of CIP Professionals (IACIPP) is committed to identifying and endorsing quality security training. We also aspire to monitor the design, quality, objectives, outcomes, methodology and content of training provided by practitioners in the industry.

To further this objective, IACIPP has created the IACIPP Training and Accreditation Program, to allow Training Providers to submit their Programs and Courses for verification and accreditation by IACIPP.

The IACIPP Board of Advisers are mindful that there is much focus among young professionals towards academic qualifications such as diplomas, bachelor degrees, masters and doctorates. However, such qualifications are time consuming and costly and can therefore deter professionals from obtaining qualifications at this level. However, IACIPP is committed long term to developing such a programme of education and qualifications fot the further enhancement of the industry.

The programs and courses accepted and accredited by IACIPP will meet the standards and prescribed terms and conditions stipulated by the Board of Advisors. Every Program or Course submitted is fully reviewed to ensure that it meets the quality assurance, reliability and creditability of the industry.

If you have a Training Course you wish to be Accredited by IACIPP, then contact training[at] with further details.