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Eyes on Cyber in the Maritime Field
by Adrian Victor Vevera – General Director of the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics ICI Bucharest

Enhancing transport safety and resilience: trends, challenges and innovations
by Joint Research Centre report Research and Innovation in Transport Safety and Resilience in Europe.

The Power of Iris Recognition for Securing Critical Infrastructure Spaces
by Seyit Ali KAYA, Regional Manager of Iris ID Systems Inc.

Critical Entities Resilience Failure Indication
by David Rehak, Alena Splichalova, Martin Hromada, Heidi Janeckova and Josef Ristvej.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Research
By the ENISA Research and Innovation Brief.

Hybrid Threats - A Comprehensive Resilience Ecosystem
By the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.

Beyond Physical Protection
By IAEA’s International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS)

The CNI / Crowded Places Security Debate
By Sarah-Jane Prew, Security Consultant from Arup

Help2Protect: an eLearning program to counter Insider Threats
By Catherine Piana, Managing Director of Help2Protect SRL

Government and Industry Cooperation: More Important Than Ever for Cybersecurity Awareness
By Chuck Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International

Accelerating Critical Infrastructure Security in The Energy Sector
By Chuck Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International

An Interview with Weibel Doppler Radars
With Richard Engelholm, Business Development in Weibel

The Cybersecurity Imperative of Protecting Critical Infrastructure - CyberTheory
By Chuck Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International

Balance of Power - Building a Resilient Electric Grid
by DHS S&T

Dynamic robustness modelling of electricity critical infrastructure elements as a part of energy security
by Dr David Rehak, Martin Hromada, Vendula Onderkova, Neil Walker, Clemente Fuggini

Resilience and Social Unrest: Tentative hypotheses for forecasting movements that manifest violent social unrest
by Dr Chris Needham-Bennett, MD Needhams 1834 Ltd

Maritime Domain Awareness – An Essential Component of a Comprehensive Border Security Strategy
by Commander J.J. Jones, U.S. Coast Guard, Retired, Border Security Advisor at CRDF Global & Captain Charlene Downey, U.S. Coast Guard, Retired, Owner of SeeWorthy Coaching & Consulting LLC

Towards 2021 – Upcoming Organisation Risk & Resiliency Trends
by Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director, Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd

Phenomena or Just a ‘Bad Karma’
By Roni Tidhar, Head - Int’l Consulting Services at IAA. Israel Airports Authority

Threats to CNI – Annual Assessment – Focus on Ports
By Tony Kingham, Editor, World Security Report

The Need for Higher Level Strategic Approaches to Cyber Security
By Bonnie Butlin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Security Partners’ Forum

A view of Facility Industrial Control System Security
By Dr. Ron Martin, CPP, CPOI, Professor of Practice at Capitol Technology University

Priority of Protecting Digital Critical Infrastructure Will Grow in 2021
By Chuck Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International

Effective Security Options for Healthcare Facilities
by Peter Jackson, Managing Director, Jacksons Fencing

Critical Infrastructure Protection Starts at the Perimeter
By Stewart Dewar, Senstar Product Manager

Italian Critical Infrastructure Secretariat’s guidance for the continuity of critical infrastructures during the COVID-19 pandemic
By Alessandro Lazari – Director for the Mediterranean Region – IACIPP