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Join The International Association of CIP Professionals

I would like to invite you to join the International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals.

Membership is currently FREE OF CHARGE for Government representatives, Agencies and CI Owner/Operators.

As an association, we aim to share information, best practice, deliver discussion, innovation and training on many of the serious infrastructure protection, management and security challenges facing both Industry and Governments.

The ever changing and evolving nature of threats, whether natural through climate change or man made through terrorism activities, either physical or cyber, means there is a continual need to review and update policies, practices and technologies to meet these growing and changing demands.

As a member, you will be able to access our members portal as well as be entitled to discounts for our associated events and training programmes.

Association membership is currently free and open to critical infrastructure operators and government agencies, including site managers, security officers, government agency officials and policy makers. So, log on and join us!

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Looking forward to networking!

John Donlon QPM, FSI (bio)