IACIPP Participate in NATO supported Workshop

With respect to the significance of cyber defence of energy sector, with the support of NATO Science for Peace and Security Program, a five-day course was conducted in Ukraine under the hosting of the Ukrainian institute of Center for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS) with the partnership of the Institute for Security and Safety, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences based in Germany. As being a part of the organizational committee, IACIPP also supported the event.

The Association's Caspian and MENA Region Director, Ayhan Gücüyener, participated the event as a lecturer and present on the "Cyber Defence in the Energy Security Context: Understanding the Vulnerabilities, Taking the Actions".

In a modern World of rapid technological changes it is an existential matter for every nation to strengthen its cyber defence. In addition, in case of a broad and sophisticated cyber attack targeting our vital critical infrastructures, the result would be catastrophic. In a rapidly digitalized world our telecommunication networks, water systems and energy infrastructures are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber threats. However, among those, energy infrastructures are the most favourite target for hackers who know well that a big black out could cause a massive chaos and create a significant economic damage.

As a result, cyber vulnerabilities of energy infrastructures emerges as a crucial topic. The high significance of cyber defence for energy security is caused by twofold reasons. On the one hand, there is strong dependence of economy and society from energy sector. On another hand, there is an increasing trend of sophisticated cyber-attacks directed on energy companies and particular facilities all around the globe. Therefore, cyber security should be precisely considered beside physical protection that was dominated in last century, and comprehensive approach of cyber-physical protection should be implemented on critical infrastructure facilities.

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