20.3 million of EU Funds for major flood protection project in Eisenach

EU funds will be used to build flood protection along the section of the river Hörsel which goes from Langensalzaer to Karolinenstraße. The project in this challenging section addresses existing infrastructure, traffic management, and urban integration. In addition, the region is also planning a new Karolinen Bridge.
Currently, flood protection measures near the "Auf dem Gries" industrial area, including the cycling path connection to Stedtfeld, are nearing completion.
Support of €16 million in previous programming period
Thanks to substantial financial support from the EU, the flood protection efforts in Eisenach have been progressing systematically since 2015. Initial measures began in the district of Stedtfeld, with completion achieved by 2017. Next, the flood dike near the Stedtfeld wastewater treatment plant was replaced.
Construction started in 2020 along the Hörsel river. Additionally, from August 2021 to August 2022, flood protection measures were implemented in the Hörschel district.
In 2023, an EU-funded project completed flood protection measures near the Opel factory in Eisenach.
These ambitious projects show the EU's commitment to boosting the region's flood resilience. They will protect residents and critical infrastructure.

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