Space Is Critical Infrastructure; Securing It Is a National Imperative

The U.S. space enterprise is in the midst of a transformative policy era that will significantly shape the future of our society, the robustness of our economy, and America’s role within the global community. The public and private sectors are collaborating to conceptualize and invest in the development of a vibrant, near-future space economy and the engineering, manufacturing, and infrastructural commitments that will underpin it.
To ensure this economy achieves its full potential, we must commit and act to preserve its foundations amid a dynamic threat environment. We’ve recently witnessed at great cost how supply chain disruptions1 and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure like fuel pipelines2 can wreak havoc on the lifeblood of domestic communities and global trade alike. Such an attack on key technology in the space domain could have similarly devastating effects.’
As leaders in the White House and Congress discuss how to shore up our nation’s terrestrial infrastructure, they are also turning their eyes skyward to consider a specific, crucial, and feasible policy action for securing space. A bipartisan bill recently introduced in Congress would designate space systems as critical infrastructure in the national interest — a concept that has wide support within the space enterprise. Doing so is an imperative to ensure the resiliency of space assets and foster the continued development of our society and economy, both on Earth and in space….

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