Successful Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe Delivers Great Discussions

Vice-Admiral Carlo Massagli, Italian Critical Infrastructures Secretariat - Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Roberto Baldoni, Deputy Director of the Department for Security Information (DIS), Italian Cybersecurity Agency contributed a great keynote to the excellent 3 days of discussions, with over 30 international expert speakers, on securing Europe's critical infrastructure in Milan.

The risk environment affecting critical infrastructure is both complex and uncertain. Threats, vulnerabilities and consequences have all evolved over a number of years and infrastructure that has long been subject to the dangers associated with physical threats and natural disasters are now increasingly exposed to cyber risks which stems from the growing integration of information and communications within their operations.

With changing dynamics so must our total approach to security and resilience. There is a continual need to review, develop and update policies, practices, procedures and technologies to meet those growing and changing demands.

The 3 day discussion addressed key issues from Regulations, Legislation & Standards to Resilience Strategies in CI and the Growth in Interoperability Between Critical Infrastructure Sectors and Enhancing Cross Industry Resilience.

The next CIPRE event will take place in Bucharest, Romania on 6th-8th October 2020. Further details at

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