Telcos as a COVID-19 Recovery Engine

Looking to the future, how can telcos be pivotal in driving the global economy forward as the world emerges from the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic? This can largely be separated into two major buckets: 1) tactical support for a safe society; and 2) a more strategic role revolving around supporting Gross Domestic Product (GDP) creation in market settings that will have new parameters and effectively be a new paradigm, Post-COVID-19.

In a tactical sense, telcos will be the pivotal axis upon which some of the fundamental societal tools being built will rest. They will provide the backbone for track and trace applications, as well as provide cities with valuable insight on aspects such as location, footfall, and traffic. They will enable the tracking of valuable medicines and protective equipment. They will also enable most workplaces to be flexible in establishing working practices closer to the pre-COVID-19 norm.

The most significant impact that telcos can have is enabling GDP creation through the embracing of technology-driven new working practices. They will be key in enabling a new digital society. Beyond the obvious conclusions that we are likely to see, including more remote working, more virtual meetings, and more virtual teams (all of which will be enabled thanks to the connectivity supplied by telcos), a raft of new solutions could accelerate GDP growth and all will require a robust level of support from the telco community.

Source: Total Telecom - full article here >>

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