UNODC improves Port Security in Rodrigues Island, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Rodrigues is an autonomous outer island of the Republic of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean between the African and Asian continents with an estimated population of 43,538 people.

In line with the United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Security (UNODC) Strategic Vision for Africa 2030, under investment area 3 ‘Protecting Africa’s Resources and Livelihoods’ UNODC conducted a 10 - day extensive training on Port Security with officials from Mauritius Port Security.

The training equipped participants with relevant skills and modern techniques to combat Maritime Crimes and improve port security. Overall, this will also contribute to attainment of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 on Life Below Water, targeting Sustainable Management and Protection of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems.

“It’s not a secret to anybody that transnational organized maritime crime poses a significant threat to the national security with implication on public safety and economic activities. Now all those crimes are increasingly committed using more sophisticated means whereby offenders are constantly exploring all means to improve their crime. We are in the urgency to get ourselves prepared to face the challenges. This training comes at the right moment” says Raphael Jean Maxcy, Police Sergeant and Assistant Officer in Charge of National Coast Guard, Rodrigues.

Leung Kei, Administrative officer at Port Associated Portage Operations, Lighterage and Cargo Services (PAPOL & C.S) quips, “The training will help me a lot in my daily work mainly in port security. It has opened our eyes so that in the future we know how to deal with all security matters at the port. Although we do not have big cases of insecurity, at the depot where clients come to pick their delivery, we must be very vigilant now as drug trafficking is becoming popular in Rodrigues, little by little”.

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