Securing Critical Infrastructure With Validated and Trusted AI

AI is changing cybersecurity – providing new tools for security professionals, but also giving cyber threat actors a better arsenal of weapons for their attacks. Fortress is leveraging the latest in GenAI to better identify and understand the supply chain risks critical infrastructure organizations face.
Fortress's AI Monitoring, tailor made for the unique threats Critical Infrastructure organizations face, enables security pros to get quicker and more accurate data on the most critical risks and vulnerabilities across vendors and products. In short, it's a new evolution in cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) and third-party cybersecurity risk management (TPCRM).
"AI is changing cybersecurity, but it is not the cure-all to national security threats from nation-state adversaries," said Fortress CEO and co-founder Alex Santos. "We were extremely deliberate in how we decided to deploy AI in our solutions. AI-enabled data retrieval without collaborative data sharing and human validation leaves large blind spots and generates false positives that divert resources from fighting the most pressing challenges. However, AI combined with a comprehensive approach to cyber defenses can quickly identify the 'needles in the haystack' that pose the most critical risks."
AI gives Fortress the ability to reduce risk assessment and monitoring costs by up to 90% and discover risks more than 80% faster. Using the latest in GenAI, Fortress automates the retrieval and analysis of vendor and product risk resulting in actionable, prioritized, and conclusive steps to empower security and risk management teams and keep your organization safe.
Besides generating comprehensive insights alerting organizations to emerging risks faster, Fortress integrates with legacy systems that can be omnipresent in critical infrastructure and streamlines government and energy regulatory compliance to simplify complex and time-consuming audits administered by regulatory enforcement.
"Certainly, there is an industry-wide push to get AI integrated into cybersecurity products as fast as possible," said Santos. "Others saw AI as a 'move fast and break things' moment. We knew AI had to be done right and done responsibly. We knew by working hand in hand with our customers that AI had to be done right and responsibly. Our AI Monitoring suite is built for today's rapidly changing and complex cyber supply chain and third-party attack surfaces. We've allowed our clients to stay one step ahead."

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