Telos ID to provide Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with improved background checks for airport workers

Telos ID has announced that the Port of Seattle has contracted with Telos ID to provide Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved Designated Aviation Channelling (DAC) services for processing worker background checks at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Telos ID’s DAC services improve data integrity, increase the efficiency of credentialing operations and reduce costs. DAC services enable submissions of workers’ biographic and biometric data to conduct background checks, including subscriptions to the FBI Rap Back program, for individuals working in secure areas of U.S. commercial airports. Telos ID has been supporting SEA with DAC services since 2016, and with recent selection to continue services, will do so for an additional ten years. SEA uses the DAC via integration with its identity management system (IdMS).

“The DAC services deployment at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is notable for its size and scope, specifically the integration with SEA’s IdMS, enabling efficient biographic, biometric, and Rap Back transmissions,” said Dawn E. Lucini, vice president of aviation security, Telos ID. “With a large badge holder population, we have streamlined the TSA-required aviation worker background check process, while upholding the high security and customer service standards at SEA.”

As an encrypted, web-based solution, Telos ID’s DAC services meet TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements for handling personally identifiable information and biometrics. Its modular design supports each airport’s and air carrier’s needs, and users can perform multiple functions on one platform.

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